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Hydrogen Blending Across the Globe

Hydrogen energy has the potential to reduce society’s reliance on fossil fuels while also decarbonizing a variety of energy sectors. Several initiatives are currently underway to incorporate hydrogen into the energy sector. Blending natural gas and hydrogen (NG/H2) is one of these advancements. NG/H2 blending, as the name implies, incorporates hydrogen concentrations into existing natural […]


High price of Hydrogen Fuel

In many countries, the use of hydrogen as an energy source and carrier, as well as the concept of a hydrogen economy, is still in its initial phases. Even though hydrogen fuel was invented many years ago, many people were unaware of its benefits in a variety of industries. However, some countries used hydrogen in […]


Fast Sense on the Startup Nation Map

Introduction We are thrilled to announce that Fast Sense, our dynamic and innovative company, has been featured on the prestigious EnergyTech Landscape Map 2023. This comprehensive map, curated by Start-Up Nation Central, showcases the most promising and impactful startups in the energy technology sector. We are honored to be recognized among the industry’s leading innovators […]


Hydrogen: The Game-Changer in America’s Pursuit of Emissions Reduction

Introduction In an era where the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is undeniable, the United States Department of Energy (DOE) is leading the charge with a groundbreaking initiative that has the potential to reshape the nation’s energy sector. With hydrogen technology gaining traction as a clean and versatile energy source, the DOE’s Hydrogen […]


Hyundai Rotem Unveils Revolutionary Hydrogen-Powered Train at Korea Railways & Logistics Fair 2023

Hyundai Rotem Unveils Revolutionary Hydrogen-Powered Train at Korea Railways & Logistics Fair 2023 Introduction The future of railway transportation is taking a significant leap forward as Hyundai Rotem, a leading South Korean railway system manufacturer under the Hyundai Motor Group, recently unveiled its groundbreaking hydrogen-powered train. At the Korea Railways & Logistics Fair 2023, Hyundai […]


Portugal’s Grid Prepares for Green Hydrogen Integration: A Significant Step towards Carbon Neutrality

Introduction: Renewable energy and sustainable solutions are gaining significant momentum as countries worldwide strive to reduce carbon emissions and enhance energy security. Portugal has emerged as a frontrunner in this transition, with plans to incorporate green hydrogen into its high-pressure natural gas grid. In an exciting development, REN (Redes Energéticas Nacionais), the operator responsible for […]


Concentrated Solar Reactor Generates Unprecedented Amounts of Hydrogen

Introduction: Researchers at the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland have achieved a significant breakthrough in solar energy technology with the development of a concentrated solar reactor. This innovative system produces “green” hydrogen at an efficiency rate exceeding 20%, setting new records in hydrogen production. With its potential for large-scale implementation, the concentrated […]


Unleashing the Power of High-Efficiency Catalysts for Green Hydrogen

Introduction: Significant progress has been made in the development of iridium-based catalysts for proton exchange membrane water electrolysis (PEMWE), a process that produces green hydrogen from renewable energy sources. Researchers at the University of Adelaide have achieved remarkable advancements by enhancing the efficiency of these catalysts. Through a lattice-water-assisted mechanism, they have increased the catalyst’s […]


Climate Change and Hydrogen

Climate change is widely recognized as one of the most serious challenges to the nature, as well as to economic and energy security. In 2020, 22 distinct billion-dollar weather and climate disasters were reported across the United States. Repairing infrastructure and other damage caused by flooding, drought, heat, cold, hurricanes, and other extreme weather, as […]